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Justin Ong is a Singapore born photographer and an alumni of the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography. Justin first discovered his fascination for cultural journalism during the weeks he spent living amongst people within the intricate alleyways of the Jakarta slums: His love for photojournalism and adventure led his work to grace the cover of Asian Geographic and features in numerous other publications such as EsquireThe GIST, Buro 24/7. In 2016, Leica hosted Justin's first solo show in Singapore, 'Visions'. Visions featured his journalistic work around Asia, from the regimented isolation of North Korea to the glorious mountains of Indonesia. Professionally, Justin juggles being a freelance commercial photographer and a photojournalist as well as an adjunct lecturer at Temasek Polytechnic where he first realised his love for still images, over a decade ago.



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2017 - gallery preview by Leica Galerie Singapore – an exhibition by Leica SL Ambassador Justin Ong.

An on-going documentary featuring the infamous people of the Konyak Tribe. Lungwa (Longwa) village, Konyak territory; The Konyak live upon isolated hilltop villages along the open border between India and Burma, in the Nagaland state. Culturally, headhunting was used to acquire land and power. Young warriors would travel out to neighbouring tribes to retrieve the heads of other warriors. Once the first head had been brought back to the village, the warrior would earn the right to wear the iconic facial tattoo, which was personally done by the Queen of the Konyaks. Successful headhunters bare on their chest a brass necklace with heads in a line; displaying the number of heads brought back. British missionaries brought christianity to Nagaland that put a stop to the hunting of heads, circa 1970, the last known head was taken.

Celebration of Photography at ION Art


Presented by ion art photography series, in collaboration with Leica Galerie Singapore.

A group show featuring 10 Leica Photographers.


2016 - A Passage of Cultural Diversity

Visions is a quick glance into Justin’s new found relationship with Leica Camera, in which his vision is represented in various perspective and ways. Believing that a camera can alter the way we interact with the world, his documentation from the isolated North Korea to the mountains of Indonesia presents a work of rediscovery.



Fund raiser for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, group show to raise funds to save the whales. Curated by Natalie Lippmann.



A photographic showcase of Young Individualistic Ideas. Curated by Chow Chee Yong. 2902 Gallery

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andrew seetoh

A designer, a father and a friend. With a keen interest in people, I want to create experiences that hopefully would become meaningful moments.

Alison schooling

is now a singaporean based designer and can be found at sarah and schooling graphic design studio.

Christopher  Chai

was born and raised on the ever sunny isle of SingaporE. He is A graduate with a BFA in Illustration from the School Of Visual Arts ( 2013 ), His work is influenced by a myriad of artists, illustrators and graphic novelists such as Albrect Durer, Gustav Dore, M.C. Escher, Alphonse Mucha, Jean Giraud ( Moebius ), James Jean, Mars-1 and Virgil Finlay.


Leonard Wee

Painter, illustrator, Lecturer.